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This set of artwork is gorgeous!. It will help set the mood in any room with its attention to design and a color scheme that's sure to please. This piece has hardware attached that allows it to be hung vertical or horizontal.Dimensions are 10.5'' x10.5''

You can either purchase a set of 2 matching panels or 1 panel by itself. All 6 of our smaller wood art look great together check them out in separate listings. 


Wood art pieces are one of a kind and versatile. They are sure to look great in your home and to help any plain walll crying for help. We spend countless hours creating these masterpieces. This great attention to detial is important to us so that we always deliver a stunning end result which allows your house to feel like a home.


All of our wood artwork pieces are unique and hand crafted. Every piece is guaranteed to reflect the beauty and style showcased in the pictured item.

Small Wood Art Set WA3

  • Lath wood

    Hand applied oil based wood stain, paint, white wash and spray-on polyurethane finish 

    wood glue


    Each peice has the correct hardware already fastened to the back so it will be very easy to install.

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