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The master necklace set. It contains 6 unique tie bars of varying wood species. That's all of the species we currently have available for necklace bars. The set contains the following:

1. Bloodwood

2. Acacia

3. Dark Cocobolo

4. Mahogany 

5. Ipé

6. Ebony 


This master set is truly the best bang for your buck. Your friends will all be jealous of your spiffy style.


 Looking for a gift for a special someone or for many people to show your appreciation? Are you a stylish woman looking to step up your look? 


At Smitten Woodworks, we make custom pieces at request. Perfect for wedding parties, multiple purchases, or engraved messages/ initials. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Exotic Woods Necklace Set (6)

  • wood, epoxy, polyurethane or teak oil top coat

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